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November 19th, 2020


I am worried about a friend of mine who I have a really stro

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I am worried about a friend of mine who I have a really strong gut feeling is on drugs. He was drinking heavy and smoking weed, but I think he has taken it to a higher level and he knows I would not approve. I overheard him talking that he had Brittany Spears. I don’t know if this is code name for coke or amphetamines, but I can say that if it’s coke it’s not good because that is a bad trigger for him. I’m concerned because he was having calls go to v/m, replying to texts sporadically and he is taking late day naps or just sleeping until 4-5 pm..we are usually texting throughout the day and talk at least once even if it’s just to say Hi. He called me for a few seconds yesterday, was out so said he would call back and I never heard from him. I have a feeling he breaks night and then sleeps all day...I can’t control what he does of course, but I care about him and it’s causing me anxiety.

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Aug 4

You should be there for him, but as someone who is dealing with addiction issues themselves, be there to encourage him to get help, don't take on the role of counselor.


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