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At the weekend, I took a lot of E. More than anyone ever sho

At the weekend, I took a lot of E. More than anyone ever should. Also took 2gs of speed and 1g of coke. Smoked weed with it too. Have never felt a come down so bad but I guess it's my own fault... made me feel so happy. I don't want to take it again over this physical and mental sickness from those things but feel I need to as I've never felt as happy and as confident in my life. Looked at myself differently. Now its back to self hate. I don't know what else to say

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IrelandsOwn's picture
Mar 15

@TreborH thabks for reaching out to me

TreborH's picture
Mar 16

@PrincessBPDx , you welcome. Your situation is different to mine, but I have beaten beast and doing far better. I'm confident you can get there too.

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Mar 16

Please try not to worry about last weekend only try to do better in the future is all we can ask of ourselves. Therapy is tough at first but does get easier and sometimes have to try several different meds. Please be patient with yourself and I hope we can help here practice a little socializing even if anonymous. Nice to meet you :)


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