I’m 22 years old Male in shape gorgeous girlfriend happy a

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I’m 22 years old Male in shape gorgeous girlfriend happy at times... and just need a lot of help mentally.. From Drugs, Mental abuse, Paranoia, the list goes on I’d really like to talk to someone who cares about the situation.. No family.. Wonderful soon to be wife and she has a great family. I do believe in god and feel I let him down a lot. I feels no one really sees how bad I hurt every night

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Feb 17

THank you guys for the support unfortunately I feel I don’t know where to begin to get ahead I missed my probation. No job and now warrants for speeding where do I even start

1 hour ago

For a short moment stop thinking about the flies that are currently buzzing around your head and clouding your view. Close your eyes, and envision your drug free future. Set that as your long term goal.

I'm going to give you a basic explanation of how life works.

red line green line you need to be here line green line red line
| | |*| | |

Life is like a road, and it's all about staying within the green lines and avoiding you going over the red lines.

Every time you go over the red line in life, you're going to have to pay the price for it. These are always rule violations. You have to get it into your mind, straight as soon as possible, that although it's possible to pass that red line, it's like a cliff that you fall off, and that fall is going to hurt dearly, and the question is, how much pain and many times will it take before you realize that it's NOT a good idea to violate the rules?

When you finally realize this and get this into your skull, you will realize.

"I don't want to go to jail" "so i will stop speeding"
"i don't want to destroy my health" "so i will stop using drugs and get help"
"I need to be on time in my life." "so i will appear neatly on time, and i will follow on my probation".

So, what you actually see, is that it's not an 'outside' problem that is occurring with you. But it's an *INTERNAL POLICY PROBLEM* that you have.

You don't realize at this moment that you cannot pass the red line *violating the rules of society* *violating the rules of the spirit*, and *violating the rules of maintaining your own personal health*

I know it's not something you are used to, but you will need to learn to start to become disciplined.

I suggest you try to get a small full time job at a local gas station, it's not much but you can use it to get some basic financial support for your situation. NEVER think you have reached your goal yet already, reality is that drug addiction kicks in most when you have the idea of 'haha , my life is going great now, i'm earning money, so let's do drugs.' , you see, the drugs is a trap you need to avoid like the plague and go around , no matter how much you want it, you need to always realize that you cannot afford to do that stuff anymore in your life.

Don't violate the rules anymore, learn to be disciplined, and follow the steps i gave in my first post. I'm never going to expect it to be going smoothly 100%, more likely it's going to be a rough road , with lots of traps you need to avoid, and some you'll might fall in, but that's not the point.

The point is the end goal that you set in your mind. Namely a drug free life, while living according to the rules in a disciplined way, in the understanding that you cannot afford the punishment that comes from going over the red line anymore. Stay within the lines as much as you can and things will go better for your life.

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1 hour ago

@nafta sorry, i'll try it with a picture instead.



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