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I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me


I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me. My ex lives with me as he is a gambler and a alcoholic. I was worried he was going to gamble my homes and retirement. So we got divorced but I told him he can live with me to keep peace etc. His health has declined lil by lil and now both feet and ankles are swollen. He says it’s becsuse he fell on the stairs but I believe he was drunk and fell down the stairs. His toes were purple due to the fall. He now has both swollen feet.. he’s had the swollen stomach for several years now. His eyes are always bloody veins. He still drinks every day.. many times in the evening his brain is crazy. He’s always tired.. of someone is in this state what is his life expectancy. He’s huge and I think he will need to be in hospital. I could not help him walk.

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Jul 13

There are so many variables that influence disease progression. Has he been formally diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver? Do you know what level of liver failure he is at? The only person who can really answer this is the doctor. Is he under medical care for this condition?

Jul 14

Okay thank you.. he refuses to go. Thank goodness he went camping so I got a break from his crazy brain in the evenings


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