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So, seem to be in the middle of that saying, " between a roc


So, seem to be in the middle of that saying, " between a rock and a hard place" Doc wants to help me out and kind of agrees that a spinal injection for my nerves may help. On the other hand my Pain management therapist is the one that should be dealing with that so my GP doesn't want to go "stepping on their toes" as they might drop me and let the GP deal with things. Which in turn will make certain referrals take longer, So I now have an nice little anti-Depression pill added to my arsenal to try and help me deal with things for the time being.

Best thing is my Pain therapist is on holiday so don't see them til 1st oct. Just have to wait it out.

Raine14's picture
Sep 3, 2019

Antidepressants for the win. Just begged my GP to up mine and it's made dealing with the cacophony of doctors and appointments and new medications so much easier. Cancellation list is always a good try if you need to get in sooner, too.


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