OK, I'm just going to vent some here. My Mom lashed out at m


OK, I'm just going to vent some here. My Mom lashed out at me again saying that I wanted to work and help people and when I am given an opportunity I don't take it. There was a job she found that she thought I would be a good fit for, but I didn't feel like it was something I wanted to do. Even though there wasn't much to the job. I would have had to go drive to the location in order to apply, and it was a weekend position Then Mom gets on me and says, " I really don't know what you want." Ugh! Like I haven't heard that a billion times already! I submitted an application for a police records clerk this morning, which if I get that then I can quit this job I'm supposed to start next Monday, but not until I get the other job. All of this while still dealing with the headache. I still can't believe the nerve block only lasted a day and a half.

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Oct 11

Well she is your mother and just worried about you. She wants what is best for you right now and if you are not communicating with her she is not going to know what is going on in your head. I would also get a hold of the dr. to let them know that you are still in pain.

Oct 11

@Jennipain I wouldn't exactly say she's worried about me. I have a follow up scheduled along with my Physical Therapy the afternoon of October 23. I am going to tell them then.


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