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New to this group and my second visit with chronic pain. I h

New to this group and my second visit with chronic pain. I had a Morton's neuroma in my 20s (still have it but it is behaving). But I was young and tough then. Now I have bipolar disorder for 30 years, learned to live with that type of pain. Just four months ago I injured my hip, and it has become chronic pain, often barely able to walk. There were no online groups last time, but thought I would join one this time for the support. So hello all!

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Oct 16

Welcome uscgvet!
Got to love the Internet! Chronic pain isn't quite so isolating as it was a couple of decades ago.
I'm sorry to hear you're having a part 2 to your chronic pain story. Does anything help the hip pain? Doctors have any plans or ideas of how to help you?

Oct 17

@TechNet hi there, my back pain started with a fall and then my whole world changed. It is hard to find empathy from family and friends. Until you have unrelenting pain, you cannot understand. You have come to the right place. We "get it" Just post often and support will come your way. Sorry for your pain.

Oct 17

My post was for @uscgvet, thanks.


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