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I know a lot of people have pain, so it feels a little selfi

I know a lot of people have pain, so it feels a little selfish posting about mine. I have substantial pain in several areas, most of which stem from a plane crash about 30 years ago. Includes 4 herniated disks; a bone spur on a vertebrae; trapped nerve in my knee; arthritic deterioration in my hands, neck, back, ankles and knees; something with my neck and shoulder muscles - no idea what that is, nor does my doctor; headaches; advanced neuropathy; and then just a bunch of other minor things here and there. Done all the tests, tried all the therapies - some help, but not nearly enough, been to all the specialists, tried the mind over matter groups - nothing makes it all tolerable except the pain pills. For me, it's a combination of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, tramadol and lyrica. That combo doesn't eliminate the pain, but it does make it tolerable.

Been going to the same doctor 15 years, and he's done what I needed over that time. But now all of this societal fixation with pain pills has him trying to cut me back on pain meds. I don't keep increasing dosages by the way - been on the same dosages of everything for years. It still gets rid of a lot of the pain.

So how is a person supposed to just keep getting what has always worked, without being criticized, judged, threatened with elimination of the meds, and generally being treated like some sort of criminal? I didn't cause the plane crash - didn't long to be in one - didn't make it a life goal - but it happened anyway. I survived - many people did not - so I'm thankful, but just need to be able to function to make a living and do my part.

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Nov 10

@kprincess613 Yes, that's exactly how I feel. Between my back pain, migraines, and panic disorder, it is one big circle of misery. Why do people think we will get better? I hear that all the time. The damage is done.....there are no better days ahead. I am sorry you are having these problems so young. Have you considered not working? I think you might be making things worse. That is a stressful job that requires strength. Just my opinion. God bless you. Firefighters, like our military are all heroes!

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Nov 11

@marinewife I am not ready or give up the fire dept. I am now a volunteer firefighter and I work as a kitchen manager which is also a lot of lifting and long hours. The cycle seems to never stop. And it is definitely annoying people always wish us to get better. It doesn’t go away. No cure. Just some better days than others. But thank you, I wish I could keep helping people. That was always my passion.

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Nov 14

@BluesBro i just read the most recently updated guidelines from the CDC dated April, 2019 and its seems like they've changed their tune quite a bit. The focus is now on how these guidelines from 2016 are being misapplied by Dr's who are abruptly stopping or tapering patients with chronic pain. Here's the link for anyone who's interested.
How come this revised version isn't being followed? Sadly, this may be an issue of too little too late. Once you've been cut down it's basically impossible to get that dose back again. I know of 2 people whose doctors did not change their meds. Unfortunately, I just ended up with the Dr who quit prescribing & it's been so hard trying to find a new Dr who will write anything. My big question is how come it was medically necessary for me to take that rx at that dose for the past 10yrs, but now it's not. Especially since I haven't had a change in my diagnosis or symptoms. How do you go about finding the doctor who is willing to provide the right treatment that has helped? They won't give any info out on the phone and you certainly don't want to look as if your doctor shopping, but how DO you go about finding another Dr once your previous Dr doesn't want to go the Rx route anymore?

Here's that link to the update from the CDC:

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