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I have occipital neuralgia with all day head pain. I was sub


I have occipital neuralgia with all day head pain. I was submitted for a full time job yesterday that starts the last week in May. Don't know how I'm going to do it, but the woman I talked to yesterday was very understanding about the pain and said she would get me this job and present me so they would understand what I'm dealing with.

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GirlKitty's picture
May 10

I really hope you get the job and even more so I hope you get some relief for your pain!

May 14

@GirlKitty Haven't gotten a call for an interview yet. Still waiting for that. I have a radio frequency ablation scheduled for next Wednesday afternoon.

May 15

I have the interview on Friday @ 2:00pm. As much as I prepare for things like this, it still makes me nervous.


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