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I had two cervical fusions with instrumentation done 6 weeks

I had two cervical fusions with instrumentation done 6 weeks ago. I already had a double fusion previously. 2 1/2 years ago I had a cervical laminectomy due to severe stenosis and two bone spurs opposite each other pinching my spinal cord. Neurosurgeon decided not to do a fusion at that time which caused cervical kyphosis (curvature of the spine). Hence I needed it repaired. After 6 weeks I can not stand on my feet for more than 5 minutes at a time. Was told I needed to walk to help with the healing but it causes extreme pain after 5 minutes. Cannot seem to do OT as it makes the pain worse. The intense spasms seem to move from side to side even causing pain in ear at times. Anyone have any advice?

Oct 8

Sorry, no advice. I could use some too, as I also cannot stand for more than five minutes at a time. The spasms are the worst. They are so strong that I nearly fall over. I am trying to exercise to strengthen my muscles in my back, but twisting or bending causes severe pain.

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Oct 8

About 2 years ago I had major surgery, nothing related to the back, but I was told I'd be up on my feet within 6-8 weeks. But a lot of things went sideways with the healing and I still struggled 6 MONTHS after the surgery. I learned a lot of things during that time. One, 6 weeks bedridden is enough to trigger painful back spasms even in a perfectly healthy back (yoga centered on stretching and strengthening the lower back in-between spasms ultimately helped here). And two, listen to your body. If your body can't handle the OT yet, wait until it can and even then start super carefully. I didn't really start the "walking will help you heal" stage until about 6 months after the surgery. But it did eventually happen and I hardly notice a problem now.
I do remember being scared though, that the extreme pain I was experiencing after that surgery was evidence that the surgery didn't work or made things worse. I told myself I'd wait a year, jotted a reminder on my calendar, and a year later tried to write out my whole experience. I was surprised to find how much better I was, despite it being hell trying to get there.
On a side note, have you tried peppermint essential oil on your back where the spasms are? It's an antispasmodic, and I've had a lot of success using it for pelvic and intestinal spasms. Obviously different part of the body, but just a thought. Hope you get some relief soon.

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Oct 9

I had back surgery in 2013 following 6 years of improper diagnosis’. After surgery my recovery was slow but consistently less pain and with time I could walk again
You’re recovery with so much pain & impairments doesn’t sound typical. My experience- and this is only a gentle suggestion... makes me question the protocol the PT staff is using That much pain is a clue - duh- that the body needs more healing time and less movement

Moving too soon and too aggressively can result in additional & severe back injury.

Just as an add on... you can just say No to treatment you feel is detrimental
Best to you and good luck


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