I am trying to connect with more people that are enduring si

I am trying to connect with more people that are enduring similar infirmities and hope my involvement here is appropriate. I wrote a short story after I learned to write in 2011. I have it titled: A Blessing

The memory of Cameron Patterson's past is very foggy. From what he has been told, his past reputation stood for nothing more than foolish pride. For instance, he was chasing these false ideas of what he thought were the finer things in life. He was running the roads,with no respect for others or himself. He instigated and participated in a handful of serious territory fights, chased women till the sun came up, put his “stunna”shades on, and kept going. Drugs were always in his environment, and he drank too much. As a matter of fact, he considers himself to have been an alcoholic for that period of time in his past. Cameron traveled around the Southeast, working for a mechanical company. He started working there when he was twenty years old, and five years later he had an experience that would define the rest of his life. He always stayed in his company's houses; in fact, he lived in Puerto Rico for some months. All he managed out of that sound job was a nine thousand dollar debt. Cameron is now debt free, except for his hospital bills; nevertheless, he owns his own vehicle, has a good credit score, and depends only on himself for all of life's necessities. He lives in a beautiful historic neighborhood in Pensacola, Florida,and he is proud of his achievements, as everyone should be. May 30, 2010:Cameron was having a normal day of false enjoyment. Unfortunately, he wanted to test his luck once again; only this time, he pushed his luck too far. In fact, he received a serious brain and spinal injury and was left in a coma. Look at the averages, statistics, and pure facts of his physical condition after this wreck. Cameron is a true miracle. Don't assume anything based on an opinion. Certainly, look at the actual facts of this situation. He's not here to brag, showoff, or try to outdo the next person. Cameron simply has a healthy, respectful love for himself as everyone should.

Some specifics:
Went through a fence into a tree on a motorcycle.
Had no brakes.
De-gloved face.
Crushed nine teeth; all the sinus bones in his face.
Punctured both lungs.
Sprained both ankles, and wrist. Shattered two vertebrae.
Broke 12 ribs.
Damaging impact to the skull.
And he had a few other minor injuries. (cuts, burns, shredded ears, etc.).

“I am Cameron Patterson, and I manage to live positive through-out this lesson. I am very real; I know exactly who I am and what I’ll have in life. “Peace! I know that’s right!” I have total control over my emotion. I am not full of myself. I do countless good deeds daily;that’s just how I was raised. A Southern Gentleman in tune with his country, I am engrossed with spiritual reasoning,and my perceptions inspire.”

(I was withdrawing from pain medication, camping in my living room trying to get through it, and I woke up early one morning and started to write. This is my first poem)

New Reason

He wakes up and his mind is racing.
He feels a ton of pressure from these dreams he’s chasing.
He never lets emotion take control of his destination.
He listens to his peers and can see some are mistaken.
They don’t realize it; they are making the very problem they are facing.
He knows a secret. “Come on, let’s take it!”
Life is easier than that, but only if you make it.
He’s finding a common ground; he longs to be adjacent.
He has been latent, for he was robbing and thieving.
However, he changes, just like the season.
He has found a new reason.
It’s only himself he’s worried about pleasing.
He never looks back; some call it grieving.
When it comes to Jesus, he has his own believing.

“I’m talking out loud-never had a therapist. I’m just trying to make due. A problem arises; like a ghost, I just walk through. I was informed on my medication, so I completely with-drew. I’m an artist that’s pretty crafty, so I created “Extreme Stretching.” My bamboo therapy releases serotonin, so I’m living in ecstasy, and I thank God every day for all my natural abilities."

Written by, Cameron Patterson,sixteen months after being in a coma for a month and waking up as a130lb paralyzed vegetable.

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Apr 14, 2018

Thank you for sharing.


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