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I am in the prrocess of finding a new pain managment doctor.

I am in the prrocess of finding a new pain managment doctor. My doctor decided to move her practice from pain management to some other type of doctoring. The sad thing is that she treated me like a valuable human. She talked with me about my voluteer work with dogs and cats as well as the time I spend at church. This is a terrifying proposition. I have my MRI report and xrays along with my body show to that they can see that I need help. There are only two pain doctors in my town. One is a rude inconsiderrate person, so if my appointment doesn't work out on wednesday I will have to drive two hours for the possibity of getting the medication my body needs to contribute to my family and other pople that rely on me. I am not an addict. The medication that I take is not to get high, it allows me to wash cloths and put them on the line to dry. I can also vaccuum my own living room. I also like to strip the beds in the house and wash the laundry. I love to put clean sheets on the bed so that my people know I love them. Something about getting into bed at night and smell the fabic softner and know that someone loves you. Without medication, my body will not allow me to do any of these loving things. I can not afford to have someone come in and clean my house. I like to do those things so that my people know I am thinking of them.

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Aug 12

@Raine14 Do you have to go there every month? I can't imagine doing that. You are one strong woman. Hugs

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Aug 13

@DixieLu I don't, thank God. My primary care physician has been incredible and more than willing to work with my pain management doctor and other specialists. They relay a lot of care instructions through her and she keeps tabs on me. I only make the 5 hour drive if I need adjustments, testings, or surgeries.

Aug 13

Wow! You are so very blessed. I will have a 2 hour drive both ways once a month. I just found out that the doctor I just lost considered me to be severely disabled. If I had known that I would have had her fill out my documents. Now I have to start from square one. Will I ever catch a break.


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