I am feeling very frustrated with this site. I have to start

I am feeling very frustrated with this site. I have to start from scratch everytime I try to check in here, so, if I haven't typed alot, I do apologize.
Thanks Marinewife and Betty for your kind words. I was Having a moment and with the hospital stay, I guess I am a bit vulnernable, but ok. My health has me worried and these Dr.s take forever cuz of covid......sometimes I think I should just give up....but I won't !!!
Be well...lots of love and prayers.

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Jan 21

I'm glad you're getting rest. Yeah, that happens to me with my hips and back if I sleep too much. I like that phrase. I bet it feels good to be out of the hospital and at home where you can relax in your own bed.
Thanks! I like that this is a safe place to share our thoughts. Hope you have a great weekend!

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Jan 21

Hi. Just signed in .I've been off the site for about 10 months. I have been out of work due to surgery. I endured a total knee replacement since summer and it still hurts and is still swollen. Anyway. I've learned the more you rest the worse you feel. Keeping moving
Is better than doing nothing. Trust me. So get out and about. I know its difficult for me.i have 2 more bulging discs in lower back. Struggling. I can't seem to lose weight since walking is painful. So ugh!! Is all I can say right now. Hang in there.

Jan 22

@Rinoguy3 Well put....keep moving is the best advice. I hope you heal more each day and the pain eases. Keep well.


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