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Hi,I'm new to this web site Just like to say hello to all th

Hi,I'm new to this web site Just like to say hello to all the chronic pain sufferers on here.
I've been going through lots of tests since May last yr.
I'm so much pain,burning in my legs and groin area and lower back.
Feel very need of some suggestions and support please.I'm really quite desperate

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Feb 7, 2018

No I do think so,had the symptoms of sciatica but the pain has changed so much since may.burning feelings.very painful when I go to the toilet.been to do many consultants i keep count

MarWin's picture
Feb 9, 2018

@Gilly916 You mean burning while you urinate? Or it is very painful when you sit to go to the toilet? I will say that the symptoms that go along with sciatica can change often. Change in types of symptoms as well as intensity.

Feb 17, 2018

Gilly916.. You sound like ME!! I am new to this sight. But I am NOT new to chronic back leg and butt pain. Just over 10 years of pain now


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