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Hi there, was on this site a long time ago it seems. Been g


Hi there, was on this site a long time ago it seems.
Been going to pain management therapy over the past couple of months. Only been waiting 16months since my operation for herniated disc.
Got some pamphlets for "what is chronic pain" and "how to help manage" etc. Pretty much the chronic pain starter pack.
Apparently I need to change the way I act with it as it's not healthy for my body or mind.
I need to accept what it is and go from there. I normally just push through and get my work done. My boss it not someone i want to talk to about it but know I have to. (Issues in the past when I went for the operation).
I'd say the past couple of months have been bad as every step I take makes it feel worse to a point where I'm crouched over something to catch my breath.
Pretty sure this is the unhealthy part the doc was talking about.
Thanks for letting me rant.

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Aug 23, 2019

Hi there, sorry for the late reply. It's not the easiest thing to deal with.
This was meant to be a quick story. I've been here for a while writing this and cant seem to make it short. I have another text doc with a full story line of what happened written.
Quick story; It started with sciatica (12 years ago) which led on to Cauda Equina Syndrome (2 year ago Oct 2017) which led to the operation on Nov 2017. My L4/L5/S1 section of discs were herniated.

I was offered the operation or pain management therapy. took the operation on their suggestion.

My operation consisted of A discectomy and laminectomy of the L4/L5 only as the S1 disc wasn't as damaged as the other. They didn't want to do the 2 disc as there was the chance that it would lead to a spinal fusion as one of the worst case scenarios (there is a few of them).

The surgeon stated that the operation was for the cauda equina and not the pain.
I asked the question, " Will this fix it?"
They answered, "Possibly, YES, but it may not get any better, but the main aim is to stop the cauda equina getting any worse. If it helps stop the pain that would be a bonus"

My understanding of what they explained to me was that it all depends on how damaged the nerves were. From the MRI image I have, in my amateur professional description it looks like the disc swan-dived out and down.

After the operation I was off work for 4 months, I'm a cleaner so manual labor work. should have taken longer but was afraid to loose my job due to "ill health policy" that was thrown at me. (a story for that)
Pain was still there, it had calmed down for a while with slight flare ups. Docs said that this was due to the nerves "repairing" so on and off with the pain

2 year later... I now "live" with chronic pain and a few other things. I am in a constant state of pain, it feels like a sixth sense. Every step I take is agony. I force myself to work with it. The past month has been hell. Not sure how long I can keep it up. My fuse is lit. it's only a matter of time before it goes off.

To answer your question. I'm probably not the best person to answer that, but I suppose It depends on how damaged the discs are and what operation you go for.
Optionally depending on how bad the disc is and the level of pain they may offer pain management therapy to help deal with day to day activities etc.

It is a gamble with back surgeries. I took the chance for a possible freedom of pain. (that was my high hopes). sensibly the cauda equina scared me (bowel and bladder issues) so I wanted to try and avoid those repercussions, But i reckon I got away with it not getting any worse. but not getting any better.

I hope you understand some of my nonsense here. I can rant away more if you want. I have a lot to get off my chest with everything that has happened. I have a good (dark sense of humor) that I think has helped me through most of this.

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Aug 23, 2019

@Cutter13 Pain management has not helped me at all and that is why I am seeing the neurosurgeon. So tired of continuous pain day and night. It is ,2:22 am right now. I can't even get unconscious for a little while. It has been so long since I've had a break from this pain. My husband wanted to try the ER tonight, but I already know they are not allowed to give pain meds and what I need is a big old pain shot that will knock me out. Please rant some more if you like! I am awake every night and need something to read. lol

Aug 24, 2019

Im not sure what category I should be put under. After reading the the following myself. A quote from the zombieland film "take pleasure in the little things in life" well my little life pleasures at the moment are when I stub my toe, bump my funny bone etc. Because for those few moments the pain is different, it takes it away from the normal. Just last night I walked through double security doors at work. One of the magnetic locks wasn't working so only one would open. I walked through the one that was still locked. Bumped my head with onlookers thinking that must of hurt, as there was an audible knock between my head and the door. I just continued through saying "that was a relief" as if it was nothing.


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