Hello my name is Alyssa, I have been dealing with chronic pa

Hello my name is Alyssa, I have been dealing with chronic pain for quite a while now. Lately its been really overwhelming and I have been feeling really down and alone.I thought I would give this group a shot. A little about me: I am 24 years old and I have chronic joint pain. I actually don't have a diagnosis yet and it can be very frustrating being in pain all the time and not knowing why.

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Feb 5

@MarWinGreat questions Marwin. The length of time someone is in pain is NOT the issue. Pain hurts, simply put and we all need help and support. I encourage ALL to sahre your experiences....they are ALL IMPORTANT.

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Feb 15

@STANLEY065 I disagree on length of time. In order to establish the difference between acute and chronic pain we must know how long the pain has been an issue. The reason we want to know whether acute or chronic is to conclude the course of action in dealing with the pain.


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