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Hello, I am new to this group, an injury at work almost 20 y

Hello, I am new to this group, an injury at work almost 20 years ago left me with chronic pain in my spine, right shoulder and needing a knee replacement. Over the years I've had the opportunity to help start and facilitate many self help groups in the Bay Area after getting my certification in chemical abuse counselling which included classes in pharmacology. The chronic pain has gotten worse over the years and I have been seeking or maybe starting a chronic pain group in my area. Over the years I have been battling Workmans Comp. for proper care and seeking Doctors that have proper training in pain management, Unfortunately with the Governments war on drugs all Doctors refuse to treat people like us even those who have knowledge of chemical addiction with proper meds thinking we are all drug addicts when the problem is the need for surgery. My prayers are with us all as only we can have empathy for one and other.

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Sep 11

I am a retired paramedic. I knew first hand the dangers of drugs, including pain meds. Done my fair share of overdoses. Yet I still became addicted to pain killers. AA rooms are full of doctors and nurses. In fact, there is a treatment centre that is solely for medical professionals. So just because you are educated doesn't mean you won't become an addicted.

As for the pain ... have you tried cbt oil? I've heard really good things about it for chronic pain.

Sep 11

@Apsaint Welcome to our group. Loved your post!. This "war on drugs" is against patients . They are so afraid of addiction, that they don't realize that it doesn't make a difference if we will need these drugs for the rest of our life. The war should be in the streets, where people are using illegal drugs. People like us, in excruciating pain are treated like criminals. I too pray for all of us!

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Sep 12

I had the flu, was unable to take my pills for a few days and went into withdrawal. I was even unaware that these pills were addictive. They help with the pain, and at the same time I want the pills and don’t. Of course I don’t want to be addicted, but when you’re doubled over I’m pain it’s hard to tell what you want anymore. Sometimes our war against drugs is even unaware. Sometimes it’s so painful I can’t breathe, but I don’t want to be addicted


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