Hello, everyone. I guess I need to vent. I'm in pain managem

Hello, everyone. I guess I need to vent. I'm in pain management. 40mg of Percocet/daily. It was increased from 30mg until last month. I just left the emergency room because my mid-back on the right side is hurting me SO BAD!! Not a kidney stone, no sign of infection. This is no way to live. I'm 27, I can barely sit, stand, and I can't drive at all. I can take 60 or 70mg in a 18 hour time frame and it's like eating candy. I can't take this much longer!!!

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Aug 12

Welcome and have you looked into any type of natural things to help with pain? I take turmeric and magnesium spray it helps me but so many things out there to help that will not make you so tired. What is wrong with your back that has caused all the pain.

Aug 12

I can totally relate to taking medicine and continuing to suffer. I went to pain management for 8 years straight and recovered very little, but it was something. I find a topical gel, such as Bio Freeze, Mineral Ice helps my mid back. I know it is not easy to rub that area but it does help some. Be grateful you have pain management, My Doctor's office was shut down and all patients contracts were null and void. All her patients were expected to go cold turkey. Do you self a favor take your meds but try to cut back and stash, because with this war on opoids you may need them in the future. I have looked for a new doctor to manage my pain and have still yet to find one. They are not taking new patients, or some other reason. I joke not, I have called 12 different offices. It is truly hard to live in pain without medicine when you took medicine 8 times a day. Hugs


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