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Haven't had a drink in over 1 week. Had one last night and

Haven't had a drink in over 1 week. Had one last night and it felt awesome! I want to drink again this morning. I know alcohol isn't going to solve my pain but it does help calm me down so I can endure it throughout the day.

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Feb 12

@Marinewife I dont need AA. I'm no longer an alcoholic. I'm still waiting for my new meds through mail. It was supposed to be overnight to me but it still hasn't arrived.

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Feb 13

@sleeping If you don't mind, what is your pain coming from, accident, surgery or illness? I'm asking because I've had pain from all of the above and some things work better than others depending on the source of your pain. Also, in starting your 1 week streak, repeat what you did before since it worked. Did whoever prescribed the meds for sleep also prescribed meds for pain?

Feb 14

My pain was caused from injury. I was only prescribed sleep meds. No meds for pain. That's how it always has been which is stupid.


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