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First post. I hope I’m doing this right. Chronic pain for

First post. I hope I’m doing this right. Chronic pain for 4 years. Meds, physical therapy and surgery. Doctors can’t seem to figure it out and I’m tired of trying to do it alone.

OrangeFuton503's picture
Jun 23, 2019

I found the meds to take my pain away about thirty yrs ago and it has now been reclassified as a narcotic. I only take one a day when I must and it still works but I live in fear of losing this doctor and not getting a prescription. Other stuff works but I has worse side effects. Some doctors won’t prescribe it, even with MRI’s and xrays showing my injuries. The new trend is for steroid injections but I think the side effects are worse. Treatment shouldn’t be decided by doctors, not legal teams and Insurance companies.


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