does anyone have any advice on how to manage back muscle spa

does anyone have any advice on how to manage back muscle spasms? i began having them yesterday on top of all the other stuff i'm dealing with. i've got to get them under control quickly for reasons that i won't go into at this time.

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May 22

@Kramer If I may say, I think you should really evaluate your posture. Specifically in the pelvic area. The most common are anterior tilt, posterior tilt, rotation, and elevated hip. It's easy for people to have 3 of 4 of them. Obviously we can't have both anterior and posterior tilt. Most times when xrays are done, the docs want to pinpoint their focus rather than looking at the overall picture. Have you had any xrays? I wouldn't worry much about MRI's since they are to pinpoint. Even if you do not have xrays you can still self-evaluate. Shoes off, feet flat. Stand in front of mirror OR take selfies. Front, Back, both sides. From there, evaluate yourself. I would say, that if your pelvic pain and your LBP are separate then let's get rid of the most painful condition first. What I feel could be happening is that since your pelvic alignment could be out, that the bones are impinging the nerves and not giving them ample room to be free.

There's a few routines you can do right in your own home on your own time. Best part is you could still be making those sales! But from now on you have to promise you'll be standing and moving around while working :)

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May 26

@MarWin thanks for the response. are you a physical therapist?

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May 28

@Kramer No I am not. More of a posture expert!


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