Super worried and helpless. I don't have a diagnosis. I don'

Super worried and helpless. I don't have a diagnosis. I don't have any treatments. But I'm really unwell! Getting worse. Makes me very upset. Pain has me crying! No sleep. Anyone out there? Alone and sick with no answers

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Jan 27

@Littlesis7 Thanks! I absolutely have needed hearing those positive messages! I have a new compassion for people dealing with chronic struggles now. I think they must be the strongest people on earth! Because my struggling has been short compared to years, and yet it has been all I can do to take each day at a time. I really do appreciate you, and everyone else who comments on these posts and makes me not feel alone!

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Jan 27

I just saw this, and I am sorry that you are feeling so overwhelmed by the change in your health. Pain is definitely no joke. I have been dealing with pain most of my life. I had back surgery when I was 30 and I am now 62 and have had so many things happen that I just count them all. The worst part is just like what you are going through right now, and that's when you dont know what is happening and what to expect and that causes lots of anxiety. I am kind of going through that also right now. I have a serious cervical injury that they wanted to operate on last year and then I somehow recovered and the pain went away. Then recently I hurt my back when I lifted some things and was unsure if it was muscular or if it was an anatomical injury. It definitely can be frustrating when you don't know and the long term prognosis is still up in the air. Not making this about me, but just saying that I understand what it feels like when your life suddenly changes and you can't do normal life. What do you know so far? Do you feel alone, cause that is a huge factor I think too. I am here if you feel like talking. Saying some prayers for you as well. and hope things will change for you soon or at least get an understanding of where you are at.

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Jan 30

@Mighty_mert yw, you are def not alone. So many compassionate supporters here. There are also other support sites online if search a bit. After a giant fam trauma episode landing negatively on me, I had to find sources of support bc due to either covid, social anxiety getting ramped up --I had to find them virtually. I am so glad bc I am usually an Introvert although can chameleon into groups discussion and contribute very well. Being an Empath makes it neccessary to step away and regroup on my own in silence and reflection.
My Hyper-Sensitivity makes living a massive challenge wherever I am...lights, sounds, smells, all this crazy stimuli can de-rail me instantly. Flying in crowded planes, a nightmare...
I don't mean to recount my problems as to take away from what pain you were experiencing but letting you know, many different types of pain and how we can counter it, recover from it.
I hope for you -a better day...a LESS painful day friend!

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