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What is it with parents who don’t understand pain!? My dad

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What is it with parents who don’t understand pain!? My dad literally saw me throwing up last night due to my pain yet today screamed at me because he had to drop me off closer to a restaurant as I couldn’t walk from where he wanted to park, has called me lazy etc, and then because mums defended me he’s deliberately driven over cobble stones to cause me more pain instead or going the long way around to a road. I mean come on what is with that!! I know he is tired and works hard and everything but I’m always tired and constantly in pain but don’t act like a ****. Feel like crying my pains so bad and I’ve just had to sit through a 2 hour meal with my grandparents who don’t even believe in my pain condition and who prefer my cousin so constantly cut me off.
I hate this completely, is it too much to ask for that my family understands that I’m trying my best and that everyday I’m in such pain which fluctuates massively. I’m so glad I have my mum she’s a god send but my dad I really want to injure at present. I just want to cry. Sorry for the rant

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Mar 14, 2018

@Jennipain You got that right. I had a week from hell that I mentioned to maybe three people. My counselor, my physio guy and the people who are supporting me in the life coach training program that starts next Thursday And yes sometimes I wanted to cry out loud because it hurt so much. And I talk about it here at this site. Those are my support systems. But when my computer froze and I couldn't connect here and was in constant pain and exhaustion it was grim. I just couldn't get why it had to be so hard. This site is a godsend. Two days without a computer to connect here and boy! Suddenly my life got crummy. I don't talk about my pain to able-bodied people because usually the conversation goes sideways. I talk about it with the people I mentioned earlier. And I have learned the futility of wishing that family members and friends would just get it. But sometimes the combination of pain and fatigue is overwhelming and I feel unbearably lonely. It sucks!

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Mar 14, 2018

It’s ok to vent out your feelings , I struggle with my parents
(Emotional hurt me).I keep my emotions inside, for parents not to get mad.Try a school threpist I recently had my appointment.There is more right with you then wrong hun.

Mar 14, 2018

@DaraMayl Hi you are great and I appreciate all your posts. I too was abused by a so-called mother and sister and nerves seem raw lately too. Anxiety and ptsd can take ahold of me at times and it is very difficult to deal with. Am here for you....having a difficult living situation....but doing my best to respond, take good care.


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