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My name is Alice and I am 52 years old. For the past year

My name is Alice and I am 52 years old. For the past year I haven’t been feeling well at all. Honestly, I feel like a drained battery every day. My arms, legs and entire body feel very heavy and harder to move.
I find it very hard to fall asleep. Sometimes I just lie in bed for hours before I fall asleep. If I do manage to sleep, I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and no matter how many hours of sleep I put in, I still feel tired and just awful when I wake up, as if I had never gone to bed in the first place
I sometimes have brain fog or I find it harder to concentrate or focus on what I’m doing. Everything that I do, even if it doesn’t require that much effort, makes me feel mentally tired.
I used to enjoy having my little nephew around the house and spending time with him, but now, I find myself trying to avoid having him visit me as much as possible, because I feel exhausted all the time and I don’t want to go out and take him to the park or to buy ice cream.
I also feel lightheaded at times, especially when sitting or standing still for extended periods of time.
I really don’t understand what is happening and what I can do to recover. I’ve always been in very good health. I do my best to eat right and be active.

Please help!

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Feb 12

@alice_darling52 It took 8 years to get a doctor to put down on paper that he has CFS/FM. They sent us to a shrink, stuffed him full of anti depressants which just made things worse....I could go on and on. I put him on a Gluten Free Diet. That worked really well; he takes Advil every 4 hours which helps with the pain. I make sure he stays low key. As little stress as possible. I handle most of the decisions so he doesn’t have to worry bec that causes more stress. Little things like that. Just embrace calm, kick stressful things and people out of your life. DON’T over work - get rest when you can and when he sits in the sun he feels so much better. If he gets the flu or a cold, it takes a lot longer for him to recover but don’t fuss over how long it takes. You’ll get there. His short term memory loss has increased for sure but we make a very detailed calendar and keep it on the fridge. Little things like that. Don’t get depressed and just take it day by day. When the ‘tide comes in’ and you feel like heck, just remember keep calm and before you know it the tide will go out again.

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Feb 13

@Lolli355 Thank you very much for the advice and encouragement. Could it be that your husband has a vitamin D deficiency, which is why sitting in the sun makes him feel better? Also, have you been to a nutritionist or dietitian? What made you decide to put him on a gluten-free diet? I will give that a try as well. i never knew that this can also affect a person.

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Feb 14

@alice_darling52 I did a ton of research about CFS and his new doctor referred me to a series of medical studies about CFS that showed positive benefits from a Gluten-free diet. My hubby has had terrific response with it. His IBS improved tremendously. One of his old docs sent him in for a upper and lower GI - said he thought he had an ulcer. He didn’t. So when the Dr found nothing, he claimed my hubby had made his irritable bowel up! Yea right. So again, through research, I found that people were having positive results with a gluten-free diet. It’s easier on the stomach to digest. He also takes Metamucil twice a day and his IBS symptoms have almost vanished.Yes he has a Vit D deficiency and takes supplements for it, but until he started using the light machine, he didn’t improve. He takes magnesium for the nausea too. We have a very specific list of supplements he takes. No we haven’t been to a nutritionist; we are just using the fine tuned list his new doc suggested along with the ones I found through miles of study research. We are fortunate in the fact that I enjoy research and my hubby doesn’t and isn’t able to so it works for us. Maybe you can find a close friend or family member that can be your researcher. I can give you some links if you want.

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