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Depression is creeping in again. Spent all day sleeping and

Depression is creeping in again. Spent all day sleeping and doubting my ability to go on. I just feel like I am out of gas. Out of desire yo go on trying, taking a shower and grooming. Nobody is ever gonna want to be with someone like me.

Eyni's picture
Apr 16, 2017

We're here with you right now. Take each moment at a time. I think I'm much older than you and I often feel this way--my point only being that you have time and I believe that once you're ready to meet someone special you'll discover that plenty of people will want to be with you.
I'm sorry you're feeling this way right now, and hope you're feeling at least a little better soon.

Apr 16, 2017

I am in my 40's and have been in this place for awhile. Thanks for the support.

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Apr 20, 2017

Know where you are at. I know too that if this happened to my wife and I was the healthy one I am quite sure I would have left her out of total ignorance and arrogance. The most painful part for me was expecting this is the day my wife leaves me for nearly two years, but more-so last six months while I am totally debilitated. You are wrong (as was I), there are in fact people out there who will gladly come and rescue you and be with you. There is also great hope in your recovery, I have discovered what works for me finally after two years of doctor diagnosis and treatment hell. Without medical community I have recovered to about 80% of my original ability. I tell you so that you don't give up hope. If you want to try a few tips on how to get out of bed, message me. But 'don't give up' from someone who has been in your shoes for far too long. You can count me as a friend too, I can give you references of how fun a guy I was long ago :-)


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