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Good Morning to all. I hope that my pain warriors are doing

Good Morning to all. I hope that my pain warriors are doing well haven't heard from some of you and have been worried. As for me I haven't been doing well the past couple days. Having lots of pain, vertigo and exhaustion. I do see the Dr. tomorrow for a check up and my b12 shot. I am hoping that it is just the b12 that is causing me to feel like this. Something else that has been bothering me and don't know if any of my warriors have experienced this but I am so freaking itchy. I have not changed anything and I am putting lotion on like it's going out of style also taking benadryl nothing is working at this point. Guess will have to talk to dr. about it tomorrow. Sending healing hugs to all. xo

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Apr 22, 2017

Hey hope you start feeling better soon!! my shoulders been burning less thankfully and I found something that helps when it flairs up! Thanks for asking

Apr 23, 2017

The itching has gone for now part of me things it's from the autoimmune diseases and stress. Some nights it's worse than others but I just take benadryl. As for pain I have been doing ok handling the pain right now not so bad the exhaustion is another story. xo Hang in there all my sweet ones I know that we are all suffering from nasty pain and wish I could take it away from all of us. xo

Apr 24, 2017

@Chiropractor Pain is not so bad and itching just comes and goes doing better though.


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