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Things are pretty bad lately, I started feeling depressed ag

Things are pretty bad lately, I started feeling depressed again at several occassions, especially when I need to get up from my bed, because despite my best efforts and trying various things to make my condition stably better, it became stably worse, and I have very little hope left, I'm more scared that it will get worse and that I'll became severely suicidal again...and sorry if I complain too much, I know it's hard for you too but I'm starting to feel helpless again.

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Jul 15

@Raine14 def agree on essencial oils or smelly candles.
helps with mood and relaxation.
our bodies need to be relaxed to enter the healing state.
there are mixtures you can knock up for rubbing on your skin that can loosen up muscles.
i found tiger balm (red) really good for this. or if you cant handle it (can be too intense for some) then if you have a chinese accupuncturist then try redflower oil or cinamon leaf oil (same thing).
as for deep rooted depression, its part of the package, a natural response. esp if your in pain, our bodies use the same channel for pain & depression hense why they interchange. long term depression causes pain and vice versa. its biological.
if you feel you need to talk to someone, i found clinical psychologists to be best bet.
but the bottom line is accepting this new life is key. i still get depressed but dont think about suicide anymore. my main thing is not attaching reasons to my depression. i understand the bad thoughts will rise and fall like my crappy energy levels.
not a quick fix but keep fighting.
ignore everyone who is still advocating GET & CBT as the cure are using out of date info is going to steer you wrong.

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Jul 15

@Haunted2, thank you for your support and blessings.

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Jul 15

right back at ya lady : 0


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