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First time posting here. I'm on day 3 of chantix starter pac

First time posting here. I'm on day 3 of chantix starter pack. And after smoking a pack a day for 30 years. I'm down to 3 cigarettes a day after only 3 days of chantix. I hope I'm successful as this is my first real attempt to quit smoking. I know its early but the side effects of chantix haven't been too bad. I'm more irritable and my dreams are more vivid. Appetite is the same and no nausea yet. I will provide updates on my quest for a cigarette free life.

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Aug 15

Today is day 5 without a cigarette. The cravings are still there but they are decreasing in frequency. Days 1 to 3 were the worst days as fR as cravings, but I refused to give in. I'm trying to keep myself busy so i dont think about smoking.

Oct 4

how is it going Jeanene73. I hope you are well on your way. I just started

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Nov 12

How’s is going Jeanene??


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