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Hey all! I’ve had abnormal paps since I was 21, and the

Hey all!
I’ve had abnormal paps since I was 21, and the doctors have always said “oh it’s an auto immune deficiency that will clear up on its own”.... Fast forward, I’m now 26 - and basically had to figure out I had HPV on my own through research, ugh

They STILLLL haven’t even technically said HPV. But so far I’ve Had abnormal cells in my cervix found in a pap, then had a colposcopy, In which I also got a LEEP procedure. I go back in 5 months for the check up. So far they’ve only told me the strain I have is on the more aggressive side

I’ve been feeling like crap with the wide range of emotions this last month. My husband as well with the news. You know, if you’re here reading this you know how scary it can be basically learning you have a precancerous virus

Anyways, one comment I read here mentioned a video from a YouTube named Hannah Banana and the video is called “HOW I HEALED MY CERVICAL DYSPLASIA AND HPV IN 6 MONTHS” and this is the first real bright light I’ve seen so far. Her video is so encouraging!! I wish I could find the original user who posted her info in a comment here so I could reply thank you! I made an account just to repost the info here and share her video, it’s amazing. Read the comments from people who have also personally tried her technique. SO. ENCOURAGING. - even for people where this has escalated into cancer

I got the same products she’s used in her video (they come Wednesday) & of course i’m Hoping for the same outcome. Since my check up is in 5 months hopefully i’ll Have the time to try, and check back in here.

Let’s heal, we’re in this together!

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norseduncan's picture
Jul 21

I really hope this works out for you!


Please do come back and share your answers =)

Aug 15

Is this process supposed to help with hpv virus that causes genital warts?


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