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Found out I have hpv 18, I am getting a colposcopy done...w

Found out I have hpv 18, I am getting a colposcopy done...what should I expect??? Also has anyone gotten rid of hpv? Is there a special diet / I'm scared3and I just want my body to get rid of this thing

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I got a colposcopy done about a month ago. I personally did not feel a thing, it felt like I was getting a Pap smear basically. The doctor told me I could experience mild cramping, like I was on my period. The worst part about it for me was wearing a pad for like 10 days. You'll have like discharge, and it looks like coffee grinds. Honestly it sounds so much scarier than it is!! I'm also young, I'm 20, and I read that having a good immune system helps. There have been studies I think about B12, folic acid, and Ahcc. B12 you can get right at Walmart, I got I think 200 gummies for like $10? I'm not sure. I haven't tried the folic acid because I couldn't find it, and the ahcc I think needs to be talked about with a doctor but I'm not sure. I definitely suggest doing some research and asking some questions to your doctor when you go in! I didn't ask anything because I was embarrassed (even though she told me she deals with this all the time), and I definitely wish I did ask!

Jun 30

Ok thank you so much ❤ this relieved my anxiety alot

Jun 30

Hi, there's lots of supplements that you can take that are meant to increase your chance of clearing HPV (lots of them do have a scientific basis). It's still a bit of a lottery. Some people can do everything right and not clear and others will clear with a really unhealthy lifestyle.
Some supplements that are meant to help (most are really cheap):
- green tea extract - get this in tablet form cos you won't get enough from green tea - green tea definitely proven to work against HPV, some GP prescribed genital warts treatments use a form of green tea extract
- curcumin (from turmeric) again you can get tablets - it's not expensive
- selenium
- vitamin C and B vitamins
- papaya - brazillian study showed women who consumed papaya regularly were less likely to have persistent HPV
- propolis (boosts your immune system) - avoid if you have a pollen allergy
- cruciferous vegetables (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower etc), there's a supplement called Idole-3-carbinol which some people take based on these veg, but I've not tried it personally as it sounds like some people have weird side effects
- zinc (I can't take this because it upsets my stomach) but doctors recommend it for people with common warts (caused by another form of HPV)
- AHCC - this is expensive, everything else I've mentioned is really cheap
- also some women make suppositories often based on green tea I think - if you google it you should be able to find some recipes.
- generally lots of it are just supplements that boost your immune system as it's your body that has to fight this virus off. so lots of sleep, reduce stress, eat lots of fruit of veg, make sure you're drinking enough water, don't have too much caffeine, don't drink/reduce alcohol intake
- in terms of supplements I wouldn't introduce everything at once as this will be a bit much for your stomach and if anything doesn't suit you you won't know which supplement is causing the problem

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