so I'm new here and I have a question (btw excuse any spelli

so I'm new here and I have a question (btw excuse any spelling / grammar mistakes English isn't my first languets)
my CP is not so bad i can walk by my self and do almost everything, but it kinda looks like i have broken something.. but i forget it and then when i walk by something reflective and i remeber so my question is : When you guys have dark days. Days when it just hits you hard that you can never be normal, that it won't go away. what do you do?..


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Feb 17

I think you need to remember that we are all "broken" in some way, celebrate your difference and forget people that can't see you around the CP.

Feb 18

Thanks :-)

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Jun 6

I'm new here and have cp and it affects mostly my legs and some what my hands when it comes to holding certain things I can walk some what but I get scared of falling in front of people I can walk if someone holds my hand but it's still very hard I feel like one understand


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