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Sometimes I just run out of energy I get tired of the isolat

Sometimes I just run out of energy I get tired of the isolation the neverending worry the relentless strict budgeting and constant hunting and searching for Senior discounts for my Dad,I know I can do it and we really benefit from alot of programs it would just be nice to have a second set of eyes helping me search sometimes.I read other peoples posts and I really empathize with them I know I am very lucky in that even though my Dad is 93 he is only taking 2 medications has a sweet disposition and tries his best to help me with everything I guess I just never imagined I would have to be a caregiver,carpenter,plumber,lawnmower,weedwhacker,auto mechanic you name it I do it!As the years are going by I do miss having friends and a "Life" those who are true friends call and text but theyre far away and busy with their kids and jobs I dont regret my choice I suppose Im just venting and wondering if anyone else was caught unaware of how much caregiving changes your entire Life?Thanks for listening

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Oct 10

Caregiving IS hard! It is a big job and the demands of each day are ever changing. I cared for both of my parents...I lost my mom in August and I am still grieving. Yes, there are things that do get put on "hold" because your time and attention are needed. There are days when the seed of bitterness and resentment get planted. It's all a normal reaction to the demands and energy needed to be there for needy parent. I was on high alert all the time. Worried about safety, about medicine, about personal hygiene, about being content, about eating, physical activity, doctors, etc. Yet, I always knew that I would not choose otherwise. My parents gave me life and they did so much right. They gave the best of themselves in so many ways and I felt it was my turn to give something back. I looked at them with compassion because it struck me that I will be them one day as well. Life is a give and take and sometimes it is our turn to sow and sometimes it is our turn to reap. Now that both parents are gone, I miss them every day. I carry a piece of them in my heart. And I am so thankful that I cared for them, that I was a presence for them and that I held their hand until they went to the heavens. In caring for them, I learned what really matters. I learned to be a better person, to have more sensitivity and to love deeper.....lessons that have stayed with me and make me appreciate what I have and desire less what I don't have. Find some time for you in this.....reach out for help and take a break. There are support groups and agencies that can provide a caregiver for a few hours. Each day, even if it is just your favorite coffee, do something special for yourself. You are making all the difference for your Dad, it is a legacy of love and you should be proud of yourself. When you have to let it out, vent and be honest. It helps to get it out and you feel ready to handle the next thing. I wish you well.

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Oct 11

@HopeandMoreHope thank you so much for your positive inspiring comments!

Oct 14

Glad that it helped a bit!!! Stay strong!


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