Hello, I am a CNA and I'm really struggling. We have 80 resi

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Hello, I am a CNA and I'm really struggling. We have 80 residents in my nursing home who have had the virus, about give or take 20 residents who have passed. I have been depressed, anxious and not sure what to do. Im not going to therapy or anything because of my crazy schedule. I just got over the virus myself..

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Jan 11

@TeddyBear101 You're very welcome! I hope that it helps.

Jan 12

So sorry. It's not easy being a frontline worker. I thank you for working so hard. It is very understandable how you're feeling. Perhaps see if some others at work would like to start a support group, a safe place you could vent, share good memories about residents that pass, etc. This could allow for a safe place for staff to let off steam, process grief, and support each other. Prayers for peace and strength for you and your coworkers.

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Jan 13

That would be a wonderful idea! I’ll look into it.! Thank you!


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