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Funny how these comment screens come up with the question "h

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Funny how these comment screens come up with the question "how are you?" Well today I would say don't ask. My Mom is in a Skilled Nursing Facility for (I guess at this point) mild dementia and her steadiness on her feet. This is a permanent transition. She is NOT always happy about it. Today is one of those days where she is NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Although I realize I have no control over someone else's happiness or what they think. I am the only one she has - immediate family wise. Listening to her sometimes or seeing what she does is heartbreaking. I have been there most everyday since she went into this facility. She has been there since January 14th. She first went in for rehabilitation due to a possible fall. But just the way things have been going, I KNOW she can no longer be alone. I am trying to find support groups that I can go to, but unfortunately I see many of them are during the day. Well - what about the working people like myself?

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Mar 24

You are so welcome. The link below is one I believe you will enjoy and find very practical. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed so I'll only send one for now. Please keep in touch and take care.

Providing Care for the Elderly

Mar 27

@zee4ward I was rereading a couple of the articles in this series on caregiving and it made me think of you and this conversation. Thought I would share the articles with you as well since we are dealing with similar situations.
Hope there is something helpful in these for you as well!

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Mar 28

@kvolm2016 Thank you for the link. I am going to read this on my other computer a little later, I have trouble with links on the computer I am on now.
I am trying to keep myself as educated on these topics as possible. Because in truth, just dealing with the moods/changes in my Mom is tough enough. Then you factor in a terrible marriage for the last how many years and a full time is allot. So thank you again.


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