Bible Thought for Today * No slipping! * From Psalm 40


Bible Thought for Today
No slipping!

From Psalm 40 The Message

"I waited and waited and waited for God.

At last he looked; finally he listened."

He lifted me out of the ditch,

pulled me from deep mud.

He stood me up on solid rock

to make sure I wouldn't slip.

He taught me how to sing the latest God-song,

a praise-song to our God."

me: In the book GOD CALLING A.J. Russell writes from God's point of view, "...the saved soul trusts Me so entirely it seeks no more its own way but leaves all future plans to Me Its Rescuer." Our question needs to be , "I am there yet? Am I really trusting the Lord with my future or am I still turning and turning what ifs over and over again in my thoughts?"

Our God, who loves us more than we can comprehend and has all power and wisdom, is willing and able to help each one of us today. And He will also be with there in every one of our tomorrows. "So why worry about health, finances, or whether we are able to do the work our Lord has given us?" We can count on God's love and power; He is more than able to bring us the peace, strength, and wisdom we need now and in the future.

Let us send up praise-songs for our Father in Heaven. He is Worthy! He deserves all the Praise and Glory! He is Faithful!

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May 19, 2017


May 22, 2017

Thank you, I needed to hear this today.


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