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Whew, today is Sunday, afternoon. Just got home. Tomorrow an

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Whew, today is Sunday, afternoon. Just got home. Tomorrow and Tue. are my days off. I'm worn out, tired and just want to relax.
I take care of my dad. And he's not in a good mood. I'm trying to ignore his anger. I just need 30 minutes to myself and I'll be okay.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend off.

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Nov 7

It could never rub off. We are such different human beings. Other than some things in common. History, the old West, animals and nature.
My dads a text book case for narcissism.
I'm over giving and thoughtful. He was also a social alcoholic. I might have a drink every two or three years. My grandad always said I had the patience of Job. My dad has NO patience. I have great respect for people in general. He likes no one unless they do him a favor.... first. People tend to like me right off. My dad puts people off.
As a youth I understood my dad early on. I had a rough childhood with a lot of neglect and abuse. I made it a point to be his opposite. Women in my life have always said they were shocked to learn of my past, and I turned out so calm and decent.
My dad has never quite admitted that I turned out to be as good a person as I am. But a few times in my life, I've heard him mention to other people similar things.
But no ones perfect, and I have my faults. I take on to many things by helping people. I spread myself thin in that way. I was literally abandoned in infancy and left all over with many people. So... obviously I had abandonment issues through my life. Many relationships with many good women, that I always left. I've never been the type to say this woman or that one was a witch or whatever. They were all fine people.
Anyway, I don't believe in anyway I could ever be like my dad.

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Dec 7

I always said my dad wasn't happy unless he was unhappy. I loved my dad very much but at a young age I decided I wasn't going to be like him. It's great you take care of him and I know you get satisfaction from knowing you are doing the right thing for him. He realizes the kind of man you are even though he doesn't acknowledge it. I'm sure he had struggles like we all do and sometimes bad attitudes are passed down through generations. You have broken the cycle by being a better man.

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Dec 7

To.much like me. I was young when I said the same things about my dad. We have similar loves. We both love the country life. Animals and nature. Both are very artistic. But he was a some day man, I always said. Because he would say, someday I'm gonna do this. Someday I'm gonna do that. Someday WE'LL do this or that. Well, someday came and went, and he never did. I made sure I traveled and enjoyed life. Took up surfing and skydiving etc.


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