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I've been drowning in stress lately, I took on being my mom'

I've been drowning in stress lately, I took on being my mom's full time caregiver while she's close to the end of her battle with scleroderma. It's hard enough to watch my mom suffer but I'm also doing it alone as my husband is deployed. So my friend suggested I try and find a support group to maybe not feel so alone

Oct 11

I can comprehend to this. My mom too had sclerotherma for 20 plus years until she passed away 10 years ago from it. Trust me its very hard to care for a sick love one specially when they are your own parents. That's very hard because I did it and till this day after her passing sometimes get back flashes of those days and I cry. It hurts alot because you cant do anything for them but make them feel comfortable and make sure they take their meds. UHMMMM, get emotional talking about it now. So be strong, I know its hard and days feel over whelming. But your mom is thanking you now and even after she goes.

Oct 11

I've never known anyone else who's had a family member pass from scleroderma

Oct 13

Oh, My Dear, my heart so hurts for you. 19 years ago, both of my parents passed away 4 months apart due to cancer. They were sick simultaneously for 5 years. For the most part they were well enough during their battles to help one another. One would hit a rough patch, but the other was there to carry the load so to speak....until they both got so ill they were no longer able to care for one another.

At the time, my Husband & I were stationed in NC and my parents were in our home state of PA. During the last few months of their lives, we relocated back home to care for them full-time.

I can so remember the stress you spoke of, the grief of watching them lose their battles with their respective diseases, feeling like the tables had turned to a degree...I was now the parent and they needed my undivided attention and care, not to mention, caring for my husband and 3 small children also.

You are so smart to seek out a support group during this difficult time. I know the isolation that can creep up on us if we are not purpose-driven to remain connected to our friends and other supporters in the midst of walking out this very tough season of life. I so hope that your doing so will provide you with a great deal of the comfort, encouragement, hope for the future, and understanding that I can only imagine you so desperately need right now.

I’m not certain if you are a person of faith or not, so I hope you won’t mind my saying that I will certainly be in prayer for you and your entire precious family. Many blessings to you all.

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