Scared, extremely tired & feeling like I can’t leave my sp

Scared, extremely tired & feeling like I can’t leave my spouse at all or it brings on a panic attack for him.

Jan 13

What is his illness/disorder? You will have to find a way to get some "me time" or you will burn out. Please come here often and vent or share. So sorry it took so long for a message back. If you support me, we can message each other privately. Wishing you the best always.

Jan 14

Veronica- Thanx so much- he’s having ❤️ surgery on Tues, 16th. Whenever I leave the house, even for a brief time ... he had a panic attack that feels same as cardiac symptoms. We just moved to to West coast to live in the country, so we’re also much further out from services. We wanted to be closer to family, but they’ve not been able to be helpful or as compassionate as I had hoped. My friend support system is now on the opposite coast, & we’re in touch frequently. Hubby has always been an athlete, successful professional and always very active. On top of that, he has a hearing loss (was in the Marines) that he has refused to address... so it adds lots of extra fatigue having to repeat & clarifying - or even finally speak so loudly I sound angry. Hopefully after Tues, things will either be improved or he’ll require more complex surgery... I just need to get through this stage. Thank you for caring

Jan 17

@Cybil Let us know how things are going.


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