Ive been off of the caffeine for 1 week. I saw my doctor tod

Ive been off of the caffeine for 1 week. I saw my doctor today and she said i must stay off of the caffeine. Unless i want to have trouble with anxiety and a few other issues

Jan 15

Too much caffeine can indeed have an adverse effect on your life.

But you must make sure that your anxiety and those other few issues are really caffeine related, because if they are not, you might be better off talking to a psychologist to talk about your problems and issues in order to resolve them rather then just 'merely' stopping by taking caffeine.

May i suggest a good book against anxiety?

Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks


Many have been very enthusiastic about this self book against anxiety, mayhaps it's a good book for you?

Jan 15

I already see a osyciatrist for my issues and a counselir too. I take medication for my oroblems. My psychiatrist said the caffeine makes my medications less effecrive. I use to drink an over abundance of caffeine which would affect my meds. Thanks for the suggestions but ive been with my psychiatrist and counselor for a few years. Its been successful for me. Thanks again.


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