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*****trigger warning**** I burned bad last week. First time

*****trigger warning**** I burned bad last week. First time in months. I'm use to the first aid that comes with it and have had a 3rd degree here and there before but last week, all 4 burns are 3rd degrees. I was drunk when I did it....stupid on top of stupid. Now I'm worrying about how they're healing. Too embarrassed to seek medical care

Sep 7, 2016

And scared of myself and my addiction to it that seems to be getting worse as far as severity over the past 17 yrs

L0stc0ntrol....4g4in's picture
Mar 1, 2017

Hey, i sometimes burn myself and do other forms of self harm. Last month i did a 3rd degree burn and it looked bad, also too shy for medical help i trated it with ointment and althrough i have the mark it's healed now.


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