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ugh life sucks. well for one, I've been going to a school ca


ugh life sucks. well for one, I've been going to a school called marco for a very long time now, 2 years, I'm in middle school. and I'm going into 8th grade. i love it their, but my mom and dad don't want me to go their for some reason they want me to go to a private school in ladder. it sucks because i don't want to go their at all. my parents said that if my attitude towards them becomes nice then i can go to marco, but thats really hard when i have so much going on and my mom is constantly nagging on me about stupid things and invading my life. i hate it. so much. please, if u guys can, pray that i get to go to marco, and i don't have to go to ladera, a stupid private school. ugh. dying seems like a better choice than then life I'm living right now . and don't think I'm saying all this just because of school, its much more. );

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Jul 1, 2015

Everyday is a gift...even the bad ones!


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