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Today I sat with signs that said "ask questions about bullyi

Today I sat with signs that said "ask questions about bullying", and that took courage. I felt so good standing for what isn't right, for the broken. It was scary but I did it. Peoples responses disappointed me so very much. I got mocked, avoided, and ignored. society has let us down, it is not a problem unless it affects them. Im sorry I let you guys down; I thought II could get more people talking, but people are stubborn. But attention is better than nothing. Just know I will keep fighting for you, I promise I won't be one of the people who lets you down.

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sqwoo's picture
Aug 12

Woah, that takes serious courage. Good for you! I really appreciate the stand you took on behalf of others that aren't able to. It may feel fruitless, but even if you made one person think twice because they throw a hurtful comment at another person, then you have succeeded. Keep it up, and thank you xx

HT_A's picture
Aug 12

It sounds like a great effort, respect, buddy!
Been there. As a councelor for a summer camp and a deputy of the chief, I tried similiar thing twice when I noticed signs of bullying (and as an all life bullied kid, I noticed them quite often).
Called them Teambuilding activities, didn't even make it till the actual point.
One was worse than the other. First I stopped at "Politely tell us what you do not like about someone unnamed in this group". Most favorite reply? "His smelly wee-wee." Killed it before the round finished.
Second one went even worse. The kids that were the victims before were bored by the games I wrote and ended up in throwing pinecones at each other.
You can imagine how frustrated I was.
But you draw some attention, and tried a good thing. Don't give up!

ReasonstoSmile's picture
Aug 27

well done!


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