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People might not peg it as bullying. But I am affected by bu

Katy30's picture

People might not peg it as bullying. But I am affected by bullying. Sure, people say it as jokes but that doesn't hurt any less. Being an adopted Korean. I've heard all the jokes. Especially since it seems that North Korea is everywhere on the news. I've been called terrorist. I've been called Kim Jon Un's secret spy. I've been called a bomber. I'm tired of it. Plus on top of that. Being bullied about size, my height, my weight. my shoe size. It hurts. I don't think I can take it anymore.

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Oct 12

As hard as it is, you need to stand up to them when you can, that is ridiculous that people are so cruel, but bullies continue in their path of destruction often because no one ever stops them.

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Oct 12

Gosh, people are crazy ya know? Do they know these comments are hurting you?


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