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Isn't it lovely how when everything seems so calm and peacef


Isn't it lovely how when everything seems so calm and peaceful, life throws a huge curve ball? Nice, I just went back to school and got bullied as soon as I steppes into my homeroom. I get constantly reminded on how I'm "too dark" and "a nerd" or "a pathetic kid who can't do nothing right" Like, dude, I know I'm useless no need to remind me! It's especially dissapointing when the teacher just lets it slide like if i didn't matter. 2 weeks into 2020 and I've already tried hanging myself smh. I wish I would just, diappear......

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Jan 13

Hello. Bullies are scared, wimpy jerks who think they gain power when they frighten and violate others. They don't gain real power. Maybe our world is getting so tainted this all gets a bit confused, but please don't let other disturbed souls dictate your destination in this life. You can love and believe in yourself no matter what. I guess that is what my doctor is trying to teach me. I have had my life ruined by severe bullying in a work environment where my career and reputation were destroyed and my mind from PTSD. I'm healing and learning that there are a lot of Creeps in the world. I have to try to avoid them (although they seem to be everywhere) and hang on long enough to find real and good people who won't throw me to the wolves or become the wolves in my life. But really it comes back to me being able to love myself and try to believe God is with me and for me. Other people can be disturbed--even the best of them, so I have to learn to honor and praise my own self for the little things I do to make my life better. It's hard to believe in or find God when other people can be so cruel-there is no way around that.
Know that nerds are cool in other places and you are unique because you were made special and that is a good thing. If people have spoken poorly to or about you that is really their crap and there is no good being served if you pick that crap up and carry it around.

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Jan 14

Samarhy, I am so sorry that you are being bullied and that even the teacher doesn't seem to care. I was bullied cause I was too white, so I completely understand the racial slurs behind the bullying, too. As Iceone shared, a bully is really just someone who wants to make you as miserable as s/he is; the best way to deal with it is to love them - yep, you heard me right! That is what God calls us to do - loving our enemies is worth a crown in heaven while loving those who love us is just an every day occurrence. Be bigger than your bully! And, please, no more suicide attempts! Do you have a counselor or someone you talk with?


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