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I never talked to anyone about my bullying. Always felt some

I never talked to anyone about my bullying. Always felt like something that I could handle it alone and for years I did that, till this week. I'm really glad I can talk about it with you.

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Feb 15

@Mizzt thanks, it feels really good be able to talk about it.

Feb 15

It is tough, dealing w old feelings of helplessness or being bullied. One thing that helps me get over the anger and weak feelings is remembering that most always bullies were bullied also when they were young, by parents or older siblings and they took that anger and turned it to others. Thinking of that same person as a helpless child helps me get over the anger and makes me sympathetic to them. Then I say a prayer for them. That in turn makes me feel in control again and not under their fist. Breathing in deep forgiveness and understanding and out anger and fear, I take charge of my feelings. I also take magnesium and ginseng to calm my body, mind and soul and get rid of the sticky negative thoughts, it always helps.

Feb 15

@john45067. Np stay awesome and God bless


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