I got bullied badly. I can just remember the amount of immen

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I got bullied badly. I can just remember the amount of immense negative surge of trauma overwhelming my mind. One quote from the rock that i relate to, that we all can "I don't like bullies"......

My problem is, how do i process the flipping undeserved pain i got from others who stooped low. I was a happy teenager/child in year 7. It was perfect, how my life was going. Then a black bully, had to spoil my year and my life, and others join in to tease and make me develop an anxiety/ocd mental illness. SOrry that i have to swear but it's bullshit. I don't deserve the trauma i had. No1 does. Cud of had the popular girl in school. But my life dropped so fast like a rollercoaster. What can i do??

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Jul 13

Thanks for your reply, i am unsure on how to process the trauma, thats the main problem. How do i "grow and mature"? What activity do i need to engage in, or reach to acceptance and a realisation. i feel like it's not happening.

Jul 14

Time and counseling- the pain and the trauma take years to disappear, and even after you work through the pain, there are still triggers. Counseling helps your pain process the trauma done to you and they can maybe help you try to work through your triggers or new ways to handle it. The activity you need to engage in is loving yourself; find hobbies you like, discover yourself, and most of all remember your worth. Those bullies have you chained right now, break that chain by empowering yourself and accepting yourself.

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Jul 17

@BruceHP - when school begins talk w/school counselor, let him/her know situation, let them also know you'd like to be involved in some type of school assistance type programs: Helping handicap-able kids on/off bus or getting to their classroom, coaching soccer for younger aged (middle school) kids. Put yourself out there & trust me the world will see a newer/stronger/more adult YOU!!


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