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I faced my bully and won. About two years ago, he bullied me

I faced my bully and won. About two years ago, he bullied me until I quit the car club. Last night I WENT TO A MEETING AND EVERYONE WAS SAYING HI WELCOME BACK. we got eye contact and mine screamed "bring it on!!!"
The entire night he wouldn't look at me, I think he knew I was there for battle if necessary. Then two very funny things happened, I left immediately after the meeting was over and he followed me outside. I figured he didn't want to have witnesses to the bullying since a few people knew why I left.I saw a couple of people follow us out to intervene if needed. He got in his car and drove off without even glancing at me, just keep looking at the ground, guiltily. Then I realized, that club was something I didn't want to be part of, the whining, the complaining, the sniveling, him included! He can have it, but so glad I went back to settle the score with him. He had bullied me about a guy who falsely accused me of something bad at work. I was cleared, but he would keep harassing me about it until I quit attending. Last night, I was prepared to get in his face and ask HIM how the punk at work was doing, since they were such CLOSE friends. Im retired for two years, so could care less about the punk or anything he says about me or what he is doing. I cant tell you guys how wonderful I feel, not only to be prepared to face the bully but the fact that club is a joke and they deserve each other. Sorry it ( the club) changed over the last couple of years, but so glad I went. I originally went to bring up the fact he was calling members to get me voted out of the club, and there is no such bylaw, after watching him and his fellow whiners all fighting for attention, I couldn't help laughing thru the meeting, quietly of course. SO glad I did this, guess its a matter of timing. Hope it works out for others being bullied and hope I have inspired someone.

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norseduncan's picture
Aug 4

this is really awesome! I am very proud of you! I hope you have inspired others too! I faced down bullies when younger, but didn't do it in nearly as good a way as you did. years later I am pretty much bully proof, and I hope you find the same result!

sqwoo's picture
Aug 12

Yes!!!! Well done!!!! I bet you are so chuffed with how it went! Good for you, if everyone was able to stand up to the bullies then they would slowly die out. This is a 'win' for the decent people side of life :D


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