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Hi I'm new at this site and I just want to tell you a little

Hi I'm new at this site and I just want to tell you a little about my self. I just turned 17 on May 6 and I've been bullied all my life. Iv never been hit. The only thing that happens to me is people talk about me they start rumors about me. They call me names and sometimes I get shoved. Its gotten worse in highschool. I'm in 9th grade and going to 10th grade next year. And I'm quiet all and people said that I was going to be like Carrie if yall ever seen the horror movie Carrie. It gotten so bad that sometimes I tried to commit suicide. And I cut myself but I stopped . It just hurts. I dont want to get out of bed sometimes to go to school because of the bullying.

AllisonH0099's picture
May 29, 2015

I'm so sorry I can't imagine.. I was talked about behind my back but nothing that made me that upset, like I said before if you ever want to talk I'm here

May 29, 2015

@AllisonH0099 thank you :) and ok


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