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Hi, am new to this page. I have had to take time off sick be


Hi, am new to this page. I have had to take time off sick because i can't take it any more. But i really love my job, and don't want to leave

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Mar 15

@Ray2d Welcome to the SG!
I'm truly sorry for what you're going through. I'm sorry you have to endure this at all.
Have you talked to Human Resources? I'm sure your company has a policy against bullying.
You should start writing ever instance down, include the date and time and all details. Although it's written by you, my lawyer told me during my divorce a record of the offense carries a lot of weight in court, and I can imagine it carries a lot of weight with Human Resources, too.
I hope things get better for you. I hope Human Resources can help you.
By any chance is the bullying sexual in nature? Is this sexual harassment?

Mar 15

Hi, yes we did contact HR but they are best friends with my manager. Its verbal


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