After being bullied I usually go to the bathroom and cry for


After being bullied I usually go to the bathroom and cry for 2 min beffore my 4 min class switching period.

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Aug 12

I am really sorry that you are going through this I was bullied alot through my middle school and high school I understand how hard It can be to deal with if you need a friend to talk I am here for you

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Aug 12

@giffordk oh ok i don't know then

Aug 14

hi my dear, I am so sorry to hear that you are being bullied, and it sounds like the bullying is happening frequently to you! Have you talked to anyone about this? Looks like you really need help as this is not something you can handle on your own. Sometimes if the people bullying you know that you are crying in the bathroom after being bullied, it only rewards their bullying behavior as you seem to give them the power that they crave. I encourage you to go talk to a trusted adult (perhaps your parents) about this soon. I just prayed for you that you will get the help you need and the bullying will stop.


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