After being bullied I usually go to the bathroom and cry for


After being bullied I usually go to the bathroom and cry for 2 min beffore my 4 min class switching period.

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Aug 30

@ReasonstoSmile my dear, I am so sorry that you;ve been crying yourself to sleep. My dear,I think you need someone to listen to you and give you the support you need. If you are not able to get anyone close to you to listen or give you the emotional support you need, I encourage you to call this number where you can talk to a counselor 1-855-771-HELP. I pray that you will get some help instead of letting yourself hurt inside or out any further. Please get help!

Aug 30

Hey I can relate to your situation... And thankfully I have some advice that might help... Just go to a massage parlor and get a nice soothing (maybe erotic) massage from a professional... Trust me it will relax you to a point you have never seen before and you won't think too much about the neagtive things in your life...

Sep 2

Do you try going to the school counselor? I go to her office all the time crying and she's always open to listen


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